Walleye Ice Fishing Tips

News & Tips: Walleye Ice Fishing Tips

WalleyeIceFishingTips blogIce Fishing Lake Superior for walleyes can seem difficult depending on how much time you have to commit and how well you know the big lake. There are many different factors that can change your success but knowing where to look and what the proper presentations are to attract fish will make the most difference in your day.

No matter what time of the year it is, walleye can be found within a couple feet of the bottom. To be more specific, walleyes prefer to stage near some sort of lake structure like points, breaks, rock piles and humps. In addition to this, walleyes seem to also like fast access to deep water so knowing where the steep breaks are located around points and bars will help you find fish.

If you plan on fishing early ice walleyes, try starting in the same places you fished them just before ice up. Normally in the early season walleyes will be found in shallow water near points and shoreline bars. When the ice thickens and winter takes hold, ice anglers should target walleye by fishing mid-lake humps as the water found here is definitely warmer.

Once you have found a likely spot to fish, figuring out what the best way to attract fish is important. Jigging above all else is the most effective presentation. To jig for walleyes, anglers should raise and lower the rod tip 6 to 12 inches. Combine this jigging action with a pause or two ever now and then and you are ready to get a fish on the line. If you are not having any luck with the larger rise and drop technique, then try jigging an inch or two up and down very quickly. Some times this rapid action can turn fish on and change your luck.

A good point to remember is that although walleyes will bite through the entire day, the 30 minutes before and after sunrise/dusk seem to be the best. Before your next trip to the big lake, take the time to learn the lake structure and set up on spots that you know will hold fish.