Wading Accessories for the Stream Angler

News & Tips: Wading Accessories for the Stream Angler...

WadingAccessoriesStreamAngler blogWading equipment is to the stream angler as a boat is to a lake fisherman: it helps you get into the optimal position to catch fish. And just as items like sonar units and trolling motors make a boat more effective, the same is true of wading accessories.

Wading Liners — Lightweight breathable waders have become the staple for many anglers. They're a joy to use much of the season, but lack the insulating properties necessary for fishing at this time of year, a fact many steelheaders can attest to. It's a problem overcome by using wader liners, like RedHead's Wader Pants, which feature the warmth of fleece plus stirrups to keep the pant legs from riding up.

Pant Keepers — Speaking of pant legs that ride up, conventional pants can easily be kept in place with a pair of Pro Line Pant Keepers. These simple straps just wrap around the leg bottoms of your jeans or chinos to keep them secure while donning waders.

Wading Staff — As I get older the rocks seem more slippery, and the current stronger. This year I'm going to invest in a collapsible wading staff, rather than continue to suffer anxiety — and perhaps dunking — caused by challenging wading situations. I have two buddies that use collapsible staffs and are happy with the results.

Wader Bag — A wader bag like the White River Fly Shop Deluxe Wader Bag keeps waders and boots in one place, keeping dirt and excess moisture out of your vehicle. But more importantly, it's a great organizer, where one can keep wading-relating items like pant keepers and a patch kit. Big bags like this one that have separate compartments for waders and gear provide the space to store gear like jackets, vest and net. This way all your gear can be stored in one convenient bag prior to a trip, an especially nice option when taking you buddy's vehicle.