Understanding the Functions of Fly Rods

News & Tips: Understanding the Functions of Fly Rods...

Beginning fly anglers first need to understand the function of a fly rod before wading into the piles of available rods to purchase one.

Functions include the following:

  • fly fishing-shopCasting — A fly rod is a tool which allows for the fly line to be cast with power and accuracy. A quality fly rod, coupled with an angler's good fly casting skills, allows the fisherman to place both line and fly on the water in a delicate manner which will not spook the fish one intends to catch.

  • Line Control — After making the perfect cast, your fly and line will begin to float away. To achieve the desired results from a cast, you must control the line. Your fly rod will help you with that task.

  • Setting the Hook and Landing Fish — A fly rod is used to strike a fish, or in other words, set the hook. Additionally, the rod is used to both fight and land the fish. The rod needs to be strong, but flexible enough to handle the pressure.

The smaller rods are for panfish such as trout. The larger rods are used to fly fish for large bass or big saltwater species. Too, saltwater and freshwater fishing require different rods.

Don't make hasty decisions. A quality fly rod is a substantial investment. Take time to determine which species you will be fishing for the most before making that first purchase. By making the proper determination, you will be adding many hours of fishing pleasure to your life. Making a bad decision in the beginning will follow you through your fishing experience and will lead to frustration and, eventually, more expense.