LIVETARGET Frog a Gear Review

News & Tips: LIVETARGET Frog a Gear Review

I am pretty fanatical about tossing hollow-bodied frogs. Whether over slop, through pads, or across weed pockets, frogs ring the dinner bell for largemouth bass. Over the years I have tried them all. This brand is a personal favourite.livetarget frog 2297 2

Body Design

The LIVETARGET frog has the most life-like attention to detail I have seen. Creative colors coupled with anatomically correct body detailing mimic the real thing to a T. The hollow body is supple enough to collapse perfectly on a fish strike but can also take the abuse that largemouth bass dish out; resisting tears for dozens of fish. I am still tossing frogs from earlier seasons. That is a true testament.

Choose Your Size

The LIVETARGET frog is available in three sizes. Having various options like this allows an angler to cater to the mood of the fish or fine-tune their offering to the structure or conditions they face. I like the large 2  5/8" (3/4oz) size when working extra-thick weed mats or in that early fall period when the fish are bulking up. The smaller 1 3/4" (1/4oz) size gets the nod early in the season or when fish are repeatedly pushing water or missing the upscaled versions. The 2 1/4" (5/8oz) frog sees the brunt of the day-to-day work.


The two larger sizes of the LIVETARGET frog cast effortlessly and far. The smallest size does take a bit of practice in order to attain accuracy but adjustments to your cast control knob and brakes can overcome this. A longer rod with a lighter tip is recommended when throwing this mini version.
The belly weight plays an integral part in casting distance but also allows the frog to sit at the perfect angle when in the water. It also gives a nice side-to-side action when walking the dog across open sections of water or over weed pockets.

Weedless Wonder

The position of the belly weight and the design of the frog makes this bait as close to weedless as you can get. In fact, the only chance you have of getting it snagged is if you toss it in a tree. The sturdy and oversized hooks ride snug against the body of the frog and only come out to bite when a bass sucks this frog in.

Give the LIVETARGET Frog a test drive this season and find out for yourself why this bait was named the 2010 ICAST New Product Showcase Winner.