How to Stop Worm Weights From Sliding

News & Tips: How to Stop Worm Weights From Sliding

Keeping your worm weight pegged and in place can often be a struggle. Screw-in style weights often tear the nose of your plastic bait after a few fish, whereas toothpicks can often cause issues with fitting properly and staying put.

Sinker stops are the cure for your sliding worm weight blues. Effective, inexpensive and easy-to-use, these should be stocked in every bass anglers' tackle box.

What Are Sinker Stops?

Sinker stops are a carbon copy of a bobber stop, but with a larger hole diameter (for use with heavier line) and overall size. Made of rubber, these torpedo-shaped stops slide easily on the line while rigging yet hold your worm weight secure and tightly in place.

Sinker stops are perfect for braid, mono and fluoro and compatible with most worm weights on the market.

How to Rig a Sinker Stop

Rigging a sinker stop is a breeze. With your main line in hand, slide it through the metal loop that is attached to each stop. Now, simply slide the stop onto your line. The worm weight is next to slide on, while the hook is tied last. Simple and easy.

Once your plastic bait is rigged, slide the sinker stop down your line and snug against the worm weight.

Stinker Stoppers are Good for a Carolina Rig

For those that like to Carolina Rig, these sinker stoppers are a useful tool. Simply pair up with a glass or plastic bead and you are good to go.  

My Confession

Up until last season I had used every imaginable configuration of worm weight and pegging system. None truly held. I now solely use sinker stops. For the price point and level of effectiveness, they truly can't be beat.

Stock up on these little nuggets of rubber this season. The aggravation of ripped plastics and sliding worm weights will become a thing of the past.