Product Review: Z-Man ChatterBaits

News & Tips: Product Review: Z-Man ChatterBaits

One of the newest and deadliest spinnerbaits to "splash" the market recently for a wide range of freshwater species is Z-Man's ChatterBait lures. From first-hand experience in south Louisiana, and specifically fishing for redfish, trout, flounder, even bass, the Original ChatterBait and the Redfish ChatterBait are killer baits.

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For bass and crappie, pair the Original ChatterBait with the Smoky Shad MinnowZ plastic bait.

For dirty water, in particular, their bright gold blades break through that brown and silt-tinted color and draws fish in as they hit the water. And the desired ruckus those blades make create a sound and vibration that make sight fishing down south one of the most exciting ways to fish for reds. Approach those edges of marsh grass or Roseau Cane quietly, drift in if you can, and look for that telltale "finning" behavior that reds often exhibit, and put your bait just beyond their nose. Jig, reel and jig, then watch the water explode.

For bass, crappies and an assortment of other freshwater species, try the Original ChatterBait with the Electric Chicken, New Penny or Smoky Shad MinnowZ plastic baits. And if the water is clear over brown, switch over to the silver blades over gold. If you're fishing marshlands along the Gulf Coast, I'd definitely throw the ChatterBait Redfish bait first using either a Chartreuse/Silver or Morning Glory MinnowZ plastic bait.

Sight fishing for redfish is fun and it definitely gets your adrenal pumping. Very often reds will school up close to the edge of those marshland grasses, too; but, as long as you can put your bait just ahead of the fish or school, you'll get a hit that if you're not paying attention, will take the rod right out of your hand.

For heavy cover, a design that minimizes snags, that stays where you want it when you retrieve and will mimic a wounded baitfish no matter what speed you crank it at, try the ChatterBait brand. "It acts like a crankbait, has the profile of a jig, but the flash of a spinnerbait."