How to Tie the Two-Turn Clinch Knot

News & Tips: How to Tie the Two-Turn Clinch Knot


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Two-Turn Clinch Knot

The Two-Turn Clinch has been around since the turn of the century. It's stronger than the Improved Clinch and almost as easy to tie.

Step 1

Pass the line through the eye of the hook, swivel or lure two times to form a small double loop.

TwoTurnClinch 1

Step 2

Finish the loop between your thumb and forefinger and make five (5) turns around the standing line. Insert the tag end through the double loop.

TwoTurnClinch 2

Step 3

Hold the tag end and standing line while pulling up the coils. Make sure the coils are in a spiral — not overlapping each other. Slide against the eye.

TwoTurnClinch 3

Step 4

Clip the tag end.


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