Bet on Bars and Points

News & Tips: Bet on Bars and Points

BetBarsPoints blogBars and points attract fish no matter the season. A point is a shoreline extension that pushes out into a lake. A bar is essentially an underwater point that juts out into deeper water. These protrusions can be especially fantastic during autumn, holding an array of sport fish.

Weed Covered Wonders

Bars and points containing deep, healthy weeds are prime late-season hotspots. As baitfish and larger predators migrate from shallow bays, shorelines and flats, it's common for the lushest, healthiest remaining weeds to be overrun with an array of species. Many of the "best of the best" areas are where deep weeds are found on either a point or a bar. Part of the reason for this is that many species prefer to be close to drop offs and basins as winter approaches.

Rocky Bars Deliver the Goods

Weeds aren't the only game in town when it comes to structural protrusions. Deep rock and sand bars stack-up a range of sport fish, including big smallmouth and walleye. I look for points in the 18- to 35-foot range near basin areas in lakes or jutting out into the main channel in rivers. On large structures, fish often concentrate around a certain depth or will hold tight to a specific edge, like a rock-sand transition or the drop-off ledge.

Top 5 Tactics

A surefire bet for incredible rod-bending action is spending time on bars and points during autumn. Here are five of my go-to tactics for different species.

  1. Cast two-inch tubes, grubs, and marabou jigs to pockets and edges on weedy points for crappie.
  2. Slow-twitch a jerkbait over deep greenery and around the outside edges of weedy points and bars for largemouth bass.
  3. Drag a football jig rigged with a creature bait or spider grub across rocky bars for smallmouth bass.
  4. Contour troll a deep-diving minnowbait or crankbait along bars in rivers for walleye.
  5. Cast flutter spoons around weed or rocky points near a deep basin for northern pike.