Change Things Up This Fishing Season

News & Tips: Change Things Up This Fishing Season

ChangeThingsUpThisFishingSeason blogFishing is a sport we all love. For most, it is not only a hobby  but a true passion. But like anything, we can often become stuck in a rut, doing the "same old" each week, uninspired to try something different. The following ten suggestions will help you get out of your comfort zone, create new experiences, and make your pastime even more fun-filled.

  1. Chase a Different Fish. We all have our favorite fish to catch, and for most, we don't deviate from that chosen quarry too often. Personally speaking, bass is the name of the game in my boat. That will change this year. Choose one new specie of fish you have never caught before and make it a goal to put one in the boat. I have two lined up for this season — carp and gar.
  2. Cook Up a Shore Lunch. Nothing tastes better than a pile of fresh caught fish, cooked up on shore. Stock the boat this year with all the food fixin's, grab your family or friends, and get back to nature with the tempting taste of fish. Your taste buds will thank you.
  3. Cast a Fly. Fly fishing is a technical game that pits angler against fish in the most natural of ways. If you've never given it a try, now is the time. This sport will open up your eyes to new waterways and fish species, and the best thing is is that starter kits are relatively inexpensive. Tying your own flies is a whole other hobby in itself!
  4. Take a Trip. A fly-in trip to a remote wilderness lodge or fish camp is an experience like no other. To be at one with nature, catch a boat-load of fish, and experience friendships and solitude, is definitely worth the price of a plane ticket.
  5. Lend a Hand. Keeping our lakes and rivers stocked and free of garbage doesn't happen by itself. It takes a team of volunteers and community groups to keep our sport alive. Join a club or community initiative this year or grab a bunch of friends and organize a stream clean up. The difference you make will be well worth getting your hands dirty.
  6. Take a Kid Fishing. We all know how important it is to get kids involved in fishing. It really is our future. This year make it a goal to take out a friend's or neighbor's child. All it takes is one time for them to become hooked for life.
  7. Ply Some New Waters. We are all guilty of this one. Fishing the same lake or river weekend after weekend. Make it a goal this season to fish three new bodies of water. Your enthusiasm and fishing net may just love you for it.
  8. Fish a Tournament. Tournament fishing is a fun and exciting sport. Start small. Fish a club event or local one day tourney. It may just ignite that competitive spirit in you.
  9. Organize a Tackle Swap. We all have lures that we no longer use. Your buddy is the same way. Grab a bunch of friends, toss some fish in the deep fryer, and enjoy a tackle swap night. One mans trash is another mans treasure.
  10. Stomp the Shore. Most, if not all of us, began fishing from shore. Boat fishing is most certainly fun, but why not spend a day going back to your roots? You'll most certainly enjoy the lack of fuel you burn.