Taking Kids Fishing, Part 2: Top 10 Fishing Tips

Are you about to embark on your first fishing trip with kids? Prepare yourself with the following tips.

  1. Hooks are sharp. Help kids bait hooks (if using live bait).
  2. You need to be equally careful using hooks with lures. I recommend crushing down the barb with some needle-nose pliers. This will make removing the hooks so much easier and will do much less damage to the fish.
  3. Have a mini First Aid Kit on hand with things like antiseptic cream, bandages, etc. In case something happens, you're ready.
  4. Bring along some sunscreen.
  5. Check your local fishing license laws. Most states do not require children younger than 15 to have a fishing license. The adult, on the other hand, will obviously need a license.
  6. Most states offer a season-long fishing license or temporary licenses for a shorter period of time and less money. Check out this link, which has plenty of information to point you in the right direction for state-by-state licensing details.
  7. Have some drinks and snacks. (C'mon! They're kids!)
  8. Bring along a roll of paper towels to wipe the worm guts and fish slime off your hands.
  9. Pack some hand sanitizer to use at the end of the fishing trip or before eating snacks.
  10. Always have your cell phone with you. It’s just stupid not to! If it has a camera on it to help you preserve your memories, all the better!

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Written by Keith Wilson