Improving Your Catching In Hot-Weather Fishing Conditions

Improving your catch in hot-weather fishing conditions could be simply taking tips from local fishermen who fish for fun as well as in tournaments.

One tip I suggest to help improve your bass fishing in high-pressure lakes such as Table Rock Lake while using a Texas rig or Carolina rig is that after the cast, let the rig go to the bottom. Let out slack line as the lure falls.

After the lure is on the bottom, move the rig with the rod. Never wind the reel to move the rig. By doing that, your sense of feel is much greater, and I will assure you that you will increase your catch ability. Remember: NO WIND.

Pull the line with the rod only and reel in the slack. If you follow this tip, you will be in constant contact with the lure and fish. The sense of feel is so much greater as the reel has no sensitivity, but the rod is your contact with the lure along with the line.

A Texas or Carolina rig may consist of baits such as: Lizard, Brush Hog and a Large or Finesse Worm or any type swimming plastic bait of your choice.

I hope this tip will improve your catching and enjoyment of our wonderful Ozark lakes.

Written by Lloyd (Lefty) Evans