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Columbia's latest footgear, the Powerdrain shoe, is a great choice for safety and comfort on a boat or for just walking about town, but especially if you're in a boat and fishing all day. There's nothing worse than the feeling of cold, wet feet. I like my feet protected and comfortable at all times, too. That translates into the need for a sturdy, but always dry and lightweight shoe on my feet. If you're serious about boating, fishing or kayaking, leave the flip-flops home and get a pair of Powerdrains. You'll want them with you wherever you go.

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The author is sold on Columbia's Powerdrain shoes as his choice for boat shoes.

For the Powerdrain Cool line, Columbia's Omni-Freeze ZERO technology has a sweat-activated cooling lining that allows water to be wicked away quickly and completely. The Omni-Freeze ZERO technology not only wicks water away from wet shoes, but the signature small rings on the fabric are a polymer technology that actually reacts with sweat to lower the temperature of the material so your feet stay more comfortable and stay cooler all day long. This same polymer technology, by the way, is also integrated into their fishing shirts and other on the water clothing.

Another great feature that comes with these Powerdrains is the external TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) Frame Support. I like a shoe that is light on my feet, but also doesn't flex too much if I decide to step out of the boat and into the sand. If you're wade fishing, surf casting or fishing the flats down in Florida, in particular, this TPU feature gives you the confidence of a strong, lightweight shoe and takes the worry out of cutting your feet on shells, glass or sharp rocks. Combine this feature with the "scupper-like" drainage ports in the heel and forefoot, and you have a shoe that won't drag and will drain and dry quickly. One last feature that I also like is the Omni-grip non-marking Wet Grip rubber. Check out the razor-edged heels on these shoes and you'll understand why they grip so well. And, lastly, with their non-marking rubber soles no tell-tail rubber marks on the deck of your boat.