December Deer Hunting Patterns After the Rut

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buck snow 400It's December and the main rut has come and gone. Deer are starting to settle into their winter patterns now and they have only one thing on their mind right now: filling their stomach. During last month's rut bucks didn’t take much time to eat because they were concerned more with breeding.

Now is the time to hunt known food plots near heavy cover. If you can find any standing corn near woods, there should be deer feeding there.

To hunt in December, set up between a bedding and feeding area and as close to the bedding area as you can without spooking deer when you enter the stand.

As deer leave the bedding area to feed at night, the fawns and does will come out first, followed by smaller bucks and the last deer to come out will be the mature bucks. Keep that in mind before pulling the trigger or drawing your bow on a small buck.

Jim Ryan is a member of the RedHead Pro Hunting Team