Jimmy Ryan

Member for

9 years

Home: Alabaster, AL
Angie (wife), 4 children, and 9 grandchildren
Hunting & Fishing
Rifle/Bow Preference
: Bow hunter

Hunting Info

Years Been Hunting: 60+
Professional Affiliations: Grand Slam Club, SCI, NRA, Pop-Young, RMEF
Hunting Strength: Hunting dangerous game with a bow
Favorite Technique: Spot & Stalk
Favorite Game to Hunt: Big bears & elk
Favorite Hunting Gear: Silent Hide, PSE Bow, RedHead Blackout Arrows
Favorite Places to Hunt: Alaska, Colorado & Africa
Favorite Season to hunt: Spring bear & bugle season for elk
Favorite Time to Hunt: All times
Favorite Way to Hunt: Stalking

Career Highlights

Biggest Kill:Polar bear (world record) with bow; elephant, polar bear, and more than 400 elk
Greates Hunting Achievement: North America Super Slam with bow
Favorite Hunting Moment: When my wife, Angie, Killed her Kodiak Brown Bear with a bow

I like to pick days to spot and stalk hunt when a brisk wind is blowing. This helps to cover movement and noise. Always wear quiet clothing and shoes. . Move very slowly and do a lot of looking. You must see the game before it sees you. Always hunt into the wind. These trips help make me a successful spot and stalk hunter.

Gear List