3 Tips for Getting a Buck - Hunting Tip

 Bob Foulkrod a member of the Bass Pro Shops RedHead Pro Hunting team has three tips for hunting buck.

  1. Big bucks will almost always be the last deer to move into afield to feed. Watch the feeding does already in the field. They often raise their heads while feeding to scan the area for predators. But, if one keeps staring intently into the same patch of cover, there’s probably a big buck getting ready to come out.

  2. If your stand is set where you can see as much terrain as possible, how many big bucks do you think you will see? Maybe some, but you are a whole lot better off in the thick stuff in a stand where you may be able to see only 15 to 20 yards but bucks tend to feel safer.

  3. As hunting pressure gets heavier, bucks tend to retreat to thick cover with lots of vines, an area with young pines or cedars, a weed-choked creek bottom and even a hard-to-reach swamp area.