New Rifle, Ammo for Deer Hunters

News & Tips: New Rifle, Ammo for Deer Hunters

With deer seasons fast approaching, here's a look at a new rifle and new ammunition for 2013 that will be perfect for the whitetail woods this fall from two veteran hunting equipment companies.

Remington 783 Bolt Action Rifle. The Remington 700 has served millions of hunters admirably well over the last half-century. But now for 2013 the respected gun company is offering a completely new bolt action rifle that may become a classic itself.

NewRiflesAmmoDeer Remington783
With new features such as the CrossFire trigger system, the Remington 783 is already on its way to becoming a classic.

The Remington Model 783 features an ergonomic synthetic stock with black finish and a high nylon count for extra strength and rigidity. The rifle uses a dual pillar bedding platform and the premium button rifled barrel is free-floated for consistent accuracy. The sleekly-styled rifle uses a proprietary cylindrical receiver with a minimum-size ejection port to ensure a rigid action. The bolt has dual opposing locking lugs and a 90 degree throw.

For this year, the rifle will be offered in the .270 Win., .30/06, and .308 Win., all with a 22-inch barrels, and the 7mm Rem. Mag with a 24-inch barrel. The rifle uses the company's new CrossFire trigger system with a two-position safety. Factory set at 3.5 pounds, it can also be adjusted by the owner from 2.5-5 pounds.

Equipped with a Remington SuperCell recoil pad, the Model 783 comes without sights, but integral scope mounts are available. The rifle includes a steel detachable magazine which holds three rounds in magnum action, four in standard calibers. Weight is 7.2 pounds. Remington, 800/243-9700;

NewRiflesAmmoDeer HornadyAmericanWhiteail
Hornady's newest ammo for 2013 is directed toward the whitetail deer.

Hornady American Whitetail Ammunition. No big game animal in North America is more popular than the whitetail deer. In honor of that number one position, Hornady has introduced a complete selection of ammunition directed towards this quarry called American Whitetail.

The line features optimized loads tailored especially for the physical build and bone structure of deer and uses select propellants that ensure extreme accuracy and reliable performance. The bullets come in a variety of calibers and will serve the hunter well for a variety of species besides whitetails — anything from small-medium African plains game to bears, caribou, mule deer, elk and pronghorn.

The loads use the company's proprietary InterLock bullets which have a tapered jacket for deep penetration and controlled expansion as well as an aerodynamic secant ogive that delivers flat trajectories and excellent accuracy. The InterLock ring secures the lead alloy core and jacket together for maximum penetration.

I was especially glad to see the .30-06 offered in a 150 grain bullet. Certainly the 165 and 180 grain loads typically offered in that caliber are fine choices for whitetails, but in many situations a 150 grain offering is perfectly adequate. I've used that weight bullet to take plenty of 200 pound-plus deer, including my biggest Mexican whitetail buck ever. Hornady, 800/338-3220;