New at Bowhunting Deer? Try These Tips

News & Tips: New Bowhunting Deer? Try These Tips

If you’re new to bowhunting, remember a bow hunter’s range is much shorter than a firearms hunter. So as a result, you must be especially skilled in knowing deer patterns and tendencies; then set your stand or blind accordingly. Most deer are taken within 30 yards.

bow hunter 400Also, scent management is extremely important. That means eliminating human scent as much as possible as well as reading wind direction prior to a hunt. Since deer will be closer, you have to remain as still as possible too. Any sudden movement by you means your chance at that deer is gone.

Use a rangefinder and range nearby trees and bushes so you know the exact yardage you need to shoot.

Seek out experienced bow hunters for their input and encouragement and get out there and enjoy bowhunting.

Brenda Valentine is member of the RedHead® Pro Hunting Team