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Mossy Oak Prostaffer Kami McGann ripping one loose.

You know how some sports you watch and automatically know that you will never even try them? For instance, the guys that downhill ski at 100 mph and do 30 backward flips while twisting all around. In that same category I put guys that I've seen on TV shooting pheasants while flying. BUT, I might change my mind.

This past summer, Scott McGann asked me to a barbecue. He's trying to resurrect the Treasure Valley Christian Bow Hunting Club and was going to have a barbecue and 3D shoot to check out the interest level.

Well, we ate and then started shooting 3D. There were long bows, recurves and compounds and kids from 7 years old on up to my age. I never shoot enough so anytime I get a chance to hit a 3D shoot I do so to help me shoot better.

I'd just had Robert Martin of Gem County Archery make a new string for my bow so I needed to get it sighted in properly. He makes some really cool strings and I looked forward to hunting with it.  

After we shot a good while, Scott broke out his long bow. He'd used a chainsaw and sliced an old 3D target into pan-sized pieces. They were about 2 inches thick and 10-by-16 inches. He had someone get off 30 feet to the side and flip a target up in the air and we'd shoot at it. He'd throw sets of four.

I automatically knew that I would be worthless and wouldn't even try. After a while he prompted me to try it though. The first four I missed by literally inches and knew that I couldn't stop until I hit one.

My next go around I hit the last one. Then my third set I grazed one and hit two. I can't tell you how much fun it was. You shoot instinctively, which you'd just have to try and then you'd understand what I'm saying. Just like with a BB gun shooting tin cans you shoot when it hits the top of the arc.

Whoa! This can be addictive! I can't tell you how much fun it was. I haven't shot a recurve in at least 30 years. I went home and dug out my old one and flung a few arrows.

Scott is ordering us some flu flu's. Of course when you're shooting aerial you want to shoot flu flu arrows. That way you can retrieve them. (That's why you bring a pile of bird dogging kids to a shoot.)

I have to find someone with a good goose pit this winter and go drill a few geese with my recurve. I'm telling you, it wouldn't be anywhere near impossible. Like I said, I haven't shot a recurve in years and deep down kinda looked down on them as far as efficiency was concerned. Now I've totally changed that thought pattern though. I can see how in fast shooting circumstances that they would be your go to bow. I think that with a little bit of practice you could get where you could hit running game all day long inside of 20 yards. I've got to reconsider my recurve.