3 Reasons to Fish With Football Jigs for Fall Smallmouth

News & Tips: 3 Reasons to Fish With Football Jigs for Fall Smallmouth...
football jig
Casting, jigging, and dragging a football jig teamed with a bulky plastic are reliable ways to catch smallmouth bass. Try wetting one this fall, and you’ll quickly get hooked on the fish-catching power of football jigs.

Autumn is a time for upsizing baits to catch trophy smallmouth bass. Big and chunky plastics top my list of presentations. Using a football jig head for rigging is an excellent choice. Here are three reasons why.

Side step snags

A football jig’s shape gives it a great advantage. Its elongated, oval head helps it roll over minor snags better than a ball head jig. This saves you money as you’ll lose fewer jigs. It also makes it easier to drag the presentation along the bottom. This is important because pulling a chunky plastic along the floor appeals to autumn smallmouth looking for crayfish, gobies, and other bottom-dwelling creatures.

A shimmying fall

The shape of a football jig causes it to shimmy through the water as it sinks. This natural action appeals to bass and makes a plastic come alive. Because of this undulating motion, a football jig has an advantage over other jigs that fall like a sinking stone with little action.

Pointing up

Certain styles of football jigs provide another bass-catching feature. When rested on bottom, the hook is elevated off the floor. This posture replicates the defensive stance of a crayfish when the jig is rigged with a craw, creature, or spider grub. Regardless of what soft bait lures you use, keeping a portion of the jig off the bottom makes it more visible to bass.

Give tributaries, points, and humps a try this autumn. They’re some of my favorite spots to fish in the fall. You can use a lot of tactics to catch them from these areas. I’ll often troll crankbaits, work some walleye jigs, or cast swimbaits.

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