Fall Bass With Edwin Evers

Edwin Evers by Edwin Evers

by Pros4-1Source's Dave Landahl  

Get ready, bassers! The fall is just around the corner. That means some of you will disappear into the fields chasing various game, but for those of you who remain on the water its prime time to whack some bass.

Though it may still be warm during the day the nights start to cool a bit and the bass will usually start to move a little shallower. The fishing can be terrific.

So, how do you start the search for bass-busting fun? Well, never fear the champ is here! Specifically the reigning Bassmaster Classic champ Edwin Evers took some time while attending a Major League Fishing event to share his favorite a 10211 1300techniques for catching early-fall bass.

Fall Fishing with Squarebills

"Fall fishing can be a lot of fun," said Evers. "The first lure I usually want to go to is a big squarebill. Throw a big shallow-diving crankbait and you can start ripping on feeding fish.

"I remember searching for any old 1970's Balsa B crankbaits I could find to get a big squarebill, but now Megabass has the perfect one and my favorite is the S-Crank. I usually start with the largest model. I want to catch big fish and in the fall that usually means big baits. Of course, if the bass are just swiping at it or bumping it, I will switch to smaller versions.

"I'm a huge fan of the Sexy French Pearl color. I also use the Chartreuse and Blue Back Phantom. Chartreuse and Black Back. Also, the bluegill color is really good. It's called Secret Gill."

Buzz buzz

"Another favorite of mine is throwing a buzzbait around," said Evers. "When bass go after that in the fall, they just unleash themselves. It can be very exciting. I stick with a War Eagle buzzbait. White or black. Nothing in between."

Up top with a Topwater Bait

"Since bass are usually feeding heavily on baitfish in the fall, I like to use a topwater as well," said Evers. "I'd say 90 percent of the time I use a walking bait. I prefer the Megabass Dog-X Diamante. It's not a huge lure, but it seems like it is the right size. It's easy to walk and the hook-ups are really good.

"My favorite color is the Bahama Milk Pearl. I don't know why its so good, but it just works really well."

Most of Evers fall efforts with his three top lure choices are fished in the back of creeks and shallow pockets and flats. Look for cover like laydowns, stumps and shallow objects. Boat docks also come into play.

Keep an Eye on Your Retrieve Speed

"Speed is huge to me," said Evers. "I'll cast that big squarebill out and wind the snot out of it using an 8.1 gear ratio reel. Same with the buzzbait.

"Of course, like any other time of the year, the fish will let you know what they want. Always be willing to experiment."