Archery Accessories You Shouldn’t Forget to Buy

News & Tips: Archery Accessories You Shouldn’t Forget to Buy...

Once you've made all the purchases to complete your bow, you'll need to consider all the other archery accessories to go along with your new purchase.

Buy a Bow Case

Cabela's All-Weather Bow Case
Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's carries
a selection of bow cases featuring
easy-to-carry padded straps.

You made an investment in your hunting bow, it's only right to protect that investment. Numerous bow cases are available, ranging from simple bow cases like the Plano Protector Compact Bow Case to the fancier SKB bow cases. bow cases. Either way, having your bow stored in a case will better protect it from the hardships of travel or simply storing it in the basement. Most bow cases are lockable as well, further protecting your bow or keeping it locked away from curious children.

Plano Compact Arrow Case
Plano Compact Arrow Case

Separate arrow cases are also available, although many bow cases feature arrow storage.

Got to Have Archery Targets

BlackOut 4-Sided Archery Target
The BlackOut 4-Sided Layered Foam
Archery Target allow hunters to
practice with their broadheads.

Now that you have you bow set up, you will indeed need a target to shoot. The purpose of an archery target is two fold: to give you something to aim at, therefore enhancing your shooting skills, as well as stopping the arrow so you don't lose it. Target selection will depend on what type of shooting you will be doing and what type of tip you will use on your arrow.

Bag Targets: For simple recreational shooting with field point tips, a bag target such as the BlackOut Deluxe Field Point Bag Targets will do just fine.

Field Logic Buck 3-D Deer Target
Field Logic GlenDel Pre Rut Buck
3-D Deer Target

Foam Block Target: However, many hunters practice with their broadheads. In this case, a foam block target such as the BlackOut 4-Sided Layered Foam Target or Field Logic's The BLOCK BLACK Archery Target will be needed. These targets are intended for both field point and broadhead use and boast well to both. Layers of foam stop the arrow and have an extremely long life.

Vista V-Pod Kickstand Bow Stand
Vista V-Pod Kickstand Bow Stand

3D Targets: When it comes to species-oriented hunters, many arches use a 3D animal target, such as a deer, turkey, beer or predators. For deer hunting specifically, a 3D deer target, such as the GlenDel Pre Rut Buck or BlackOut Deer 3-D Target are great accessories, as they simulate shooting an actual deer. The dimensions are very similar to that of a live deer so hunters can practice hitting the vitals. Having the visual of a deer rather than a block helps many hunters when it comes to shooting a live deer. Another great part about the GlenDel target is that it accepts both fieldpoints and broadheads.

Useful Bow Stands & Hooks

Big Game Treestands Accessory Hooks
Big Game Treestands Accessory Hooks

While these accessories aren't intended to aid in shooting, they are extremely useful to archers. While hunting, a bow hook like Big Game Treestand hooks at will allow you to hang your bow in the tree so that you don't have to hold it the entire time. These hooks have a soft rubber coat that grip the bow but don't scratch or damage it in any way. For those target shooters, a ground bow stand is a great tool to have because it allows your bow to rest hands free and completely off of the ground.

Overall, there is a seemingly endless supply of accessories available to archers. Some products are "must-haves," while others are simple luxuries. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which accessories you use with your new bow. Archery should be fun, so have fun when buying accessories to go with your bow. And don't hesitate to ask a Bass Pro Shops representative for help regarding specific archery products.