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Basic Information

  • Home: Springfield, Missouri
    Family: Jill (wife), Chase (daughter)
    Hobbies: Farming for wildlife, Hunting and Fishing
    Rifle/Bow: Rifle: All legal methods

    Hunting Stuff

    Years Been Hunting: 55 years plus
    Hunting Strength:
    Turkey, Whitetail, Archery, Muzzleloader, Centerfire
    Favorite Technique:
    Bow, Muzzleloader, Centerfire
    Favorite Game to Hunt:
    Turkey, Whitetail Deer and Squirrels
    Favorite Hunting Gear: CVA Muzzleloader, Browning rifle, Winchester ammo, Leupold scope, RealTree Camo
    Favorite Places to Hunt:
    Missouri, Kansas and Texas
    Favorite Season to Hunt:
    Turkey and Deer
    Favorite Time to Hunt: Anytime I get a chance to go
    Favorite Way to Hunt: Spot and Stalk
    Favorite Turkey Call:
    RedHead Box and Slate calls

    Career Highlights

    Biggest Kill: African elephant and 200 inch Whitetail
    Greatest Hunting Achievement: African elephant and 200 inch Whitetail, Rocky Mountain Elk and Grand Slam of Turkeys.
    Favorite Hunting Moment: Everytime I get to hunt with kids or first-timers.

    Current Highlights

    Captain of Bass Pro Shops RedHead Hunting Team
    Board member of QDMA
    Co-hosts Bass Pro Shops "100% REAL HUNTING TV" and "King of Bucks" program
    Member of National Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame
    Team member of "Outdoor Legends" S.E. Asia Tour - First team to be sent to visit the troops in the Persian Gulf

    It is unusual for an all-around outdoorsman to bring pioneering accomplishments of ethical hunting and conservation to the forefront of hunters’ minds and the outdoor industry.  But Jerry Martin has definitely left his mark.

    Jerry’s hunting days started at age 5 or 6, when his dad took him hunting for squirrels and chasing rabbits with beagles.  “Dad expected 50 squirrels from a box of shells,” Martin says chuckling as he reminisces about those days, “And I tried not to disappoint.”   Over the years, Jerry became an expert marksman with a rifle, compound bow, pistol, and muzzleloader.

    In his hunting career, he has had dozens of trophy whitetail deer kills, several scoring over 200.  Jerry has killed dozens of Turkey Grand Slams with muzzleloader, bow and centerfire, and a few Turkey Royal Slams too.  He has hunted for all types of animals across the nation and in countries around the world.

    In August 2008, Jerry was recognized for his accomplishments and inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN.  This impressive honor is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated a passion for the outdoors in both fishing and hunting and whose actions and high ethical standards serve as the guidelines for the entire outdoor community. 

Recent activities