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Basic Information

  • Home: Spring Grove, Virgina
    (wife) Patty, (children) Wendy, Chris, Dave and Bob
    Collecting arrowheads, saltwater fishing and hunting
    : Nitro


    Angling Stuff

    Favorite Technique: Plastic worm, using a spinning rod, w/light line and finesse fishing
    Fishing Strength:
    Finesse fishing shallow water and docks in tough conditions
    Favorite Lake:
    Thousand Island, NY
    Favorite Species Fished
    Bass and Smallmouth bass
    Likes to Fish:
    Saltwater fishing on the Eastern Shore of Virgina and catch flounder, red drum and black drum
    Circuits Fishing: BASS Opens, Fishers of Men and local tournaments


    Career Highlights

    Fishing 50 years
    20 1st Tournament Finishes
    2000 Bassmaster Classic World Champion
    17 time Bassmaster Classic qualifier
    50 Top-10 Bassmaster Classic Tournament Trail finishes5 Bassmaster event
    5 Bassmaster event wins
    2012 Finished 3rd in Northern BassMaster's James River Open
    2011 Qualified and finished 10th in PAA All-Star Championship
    2009 Inducted into the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame
    2006 Finished 4th in Northern Smith Mt., VA Bassmaster's Open
    2004 Finished 3rd in points for the Northern Bassmaster's Open Division
    2003 Winner of the Mustad Ultra Point/Bass Pro Shop Classic
    2002 Winner of Norther Bassmaster's Hudson River Open
    1999 & 2000 Angler of the Year at Bassmaster's Eastern Invitationals
    1991 Winner of Illinois Bassmaster Invitational
    1991 Winner of Pro-Am Teams Points Championship
    1974, 1976 and 1977 Winner of the Virginia B.A.S.S. Federation State Championship
    Selected as a Road Warrior for USA Today
    I work with the Super Kids on the south side of Virginia
    I am involved with Pro-Am Teams' Piers For Handicapped Fishermen Program - four piers already built.
    Host of the Annual Burrowsville /NASCAR / Wounded Warriors Fishing Tournament. September 2011 was our 20th year.
    Produced six Bass fishing videos and DVD's.

    Feelings on Tournament Fishing:

    Tournament fishing creates a great competitive atmosphere, which requires you to use your physical and mental skills to the fullest. It also allows you to develop friends nationwide.  Throughout the years of tournament fishing, I've personally had the opportunity to meet a tremendous amount of people and I have learned many fishing techniques on different lures and different structures.

Recent activities