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Occasionally, in mid-summer, walleyes will set up housekeeping along vast stretches of deep shoreline edges that break to very deep water. I ran into this scenario a few years back on North Dakota’s Lake Sakakawea while pre-fishing for a national tournament. I ended up winning that contest by fishing walleyes that were relating to deep main-lake flats, which no one else believed were catchable. To target these fish, you’ll want to fish along the outside edges of deep water flats where the depths run (for example) from about the 30 ft range, then break sharply to as deep as 100…
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For all you anglers out there who are curious as to how professional anglers approach the subject of netting fish with amateurs prior to a tournament day of a Pro-Am event, here is the "mini seminar" on netting I give my amateur before heading out each morning of a tournament. First, you want a landing net that can extend to at least 96". If we are using a live bait technique -- where the fish normally pop up close to the boat -- I will only extend it about 6 feet. Then I tell the person to "choke up" on…
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