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2014 New Mexico Archery Mule Deer Season Recap

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May 14, 2014
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Shawn Cook's Mule Deer Harvest
Shawn F. Cook Sr.'s mule deer harvest.

by Shawn F. Cook Sr.

The 2014 archery mule deer season in New Mexico was another cold one at altitude.

There were plenty of does and younger bucks, but the mature bucks were staying up on the slope. This was primarily due to a couple of mountain lions trailing the herd daily. The presence of the predators really had the herd on edge and affected normal travel routes and bedding areas.

I only had three days to hunt, and I was being hampered by a bad back, which took spot and stalk out of the equation. I set up on an escape route going up the slope that I had seen bucks use in the past when they were spooked or pressured.

The plan paid off on opening morning, when a 3x4 came up the draw and passed at 12 yards. The Blackout® Fixed-Blade Broadheads and RedHead® Toxik® XT Compound Bow did their job, and he didn't make it another 50 yards.

Mulies are different in a lot of ways from whitetail, but when it comes to escape plans, they can be predictable. 

Remember: Safety first in all your outdoor adventures …

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Shawn Cook

Home: Gonzales, Louisiana
(son) Shawn Jr., (daughters) Christian & Ashley
Hunting, Fishing
Rifle / Bow:
Bow and Muzzle Loader

Hunting Stuff

Years Hunting: 30 years
Favorite Game to Hunt:
Mature Whitetails
Favorite Hunting Gear:
Redhead Apparel and Toxic Bow
Favorite Places to Hunt
New Mexico and Northern Missouri
Favorite Season to Hunt:
Rut in mid-November
Favorite Time to Hunt: Mid-day

Career Highlights

Biggest Kill: 128 gross score Whitetail (archery)-140 gross score Mule deer (archery)
Greatest Hunting Achievement: Passing on my knowledge to Hunter Education students to ensure the safety and security of our hunting privileges in the future.
Favorite Hunting Moment: An encounter with a 200 inch mature whitetail, even though it did not result in a successful harvest, it was an incredible moment that I will treasure until we meet again.

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