Shawn Cook

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10 years 1 month

Home: Gonzales, Louisiana
(son) Shawn Jr., (daughters) Christian & Ashley
Hunting, Fishing
Rifle / Bow:
Bow and Muzzle Loader

Hunting Stuff

Years Hunting: 30 years
Favorite Game to Hunt:
Mature Whitetails
Favorite Hunting Gear:
Redhead Apparel and Toxic Bow
Favorite Places to Hunt
New Mexico and Northern Missouri
Favorite Season to Hunt:
Rut in mid-November
Favorite Time to Hunt: Mid-day

Career Highlights

Biggest Kill: 128 gross score Whitetail (archery)-140 gross score Mule deer (archery)
Greatest Hunting Achievement: Passing on my knowledge to Hunter Education students to ensure the safety and security of our hunting privileges in the future.
Favorite Hunting Moment: An encounter with a 200 inch mature whitetail, even though it did not result in a successful harvest, it was an incredible moment that I will treasure until we meet again.