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A New Weighted Diving System: The Tadpole Diver by Off Shore Tackle

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October 15, 2012
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1 walleyeI’m here to tell you guys about a great new weighted diving system that is now on the market.

It has a planning system incorporated into it, plus it’s weighted, so getting your fishing baits such as crawler harnesses and spoons down deeper is much easier now.

It comes in two sizes: a 1 oz. and a 2 oz.

The design was intended for open-water trolling for walleye and salmon. But I have found another application for the diver.

I have been using this diver in river systems where I would normally use two colors of leadcore to get small crack baits like the Yakima Timber Tigers -- down to the river bottom. Instead of using leadcore fishing line (a weighted line made up of lead) or a bulky bottom bouncer, I put a 5-foot leader behind the tadpole and can reach the river bottom with less than half the line out.

The smooth nose of the tadpole slides over the bottom structure with ease. Another nice thing about the tadpole is when a fish strikes the bait, an attachment clevis slides down to the nose of the bait, taking the dive out of the bait so you don’t have to fight the diver and the fish.

If you like to troll and you like in-line weights and leadcore, then you should really try the Tadpole Diver from Off Shore Tackle. It is so easy to use and extremely effective.

Happy fishing!

Written by Dan Hassevoort

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Dan Hassevoort

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