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Working the Grass With Ott DeFoe

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June 6, 2016
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Ott DeFoe is almost always in the hunt for locking up a Bassmaster Classic qualification since he made his debut on the Bassmaster Elite Series several years ago. This Tennessee toad hunter is as versatile as they come when chasing bass. Smallies, spots, largemouth, it doesn't matter. He catches them everywhere.

So, if this Berkley pro were to pick one technique to chase down bass in the grass during the summer months, what would it be? Not a frog, but a crankbait.

"I like fishing the deep grass for bass during the hot months," said DeFoe. "You can throw a football jig, or a big Power Worm too, but for me cranking the deep edges is what I feel tends to produce the biggest bass."

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Not Just Any Grass Will do for DeFoe

"For cranking bass deeper in the grass the weeds can't be too close to the surface," said DeFoe. "You want to be fishing the deeper sections where the edge of the grass isn't more than a foot or two off bottom. If the grass is closer to the surface, other techniques like a swim jig or worm are in order."

Snap That Crankbait for Best Results

"I want to make contact with the grass," said DeFoe. "When I do, I'll snap that crankbait. That little pause will often trigger strikes. I like to retrieve the lure pretty fast during the warm months."

DeFoe is Hot on His Humminbird 360 for Cranking Success

"That Humminbird 360 is amazing for fishing grasslines," said DeFoe. "I don't want to sound like a commercial, but it really helps. You can see exactly where to throw your bait.

"Before I had the Humminbird 360, it was a process of elimination, casting into too much grass, or none at all. Now, each cast is in a potentially productive area."

Ott uses 10-pound Berkley Fluorocarbon spooled on a Pflueger 5.4:1 casting reel on a 7' 8" Fenwick Elite Tech rod with parabolic action.

DeFoe's crankbaits are the Rapala DT models size 6-14, though size 10 usually fits the bill. Bluegill and shad patterns are his favorites.

by Pros4- 1Source's Dave Landahl


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