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Downsize Your Bait When the Bite Cools Off

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January 1, 2016
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My philosphy to fishing is to "focus on the moment and have fun". If it doesn't pertain to my fishing, it doesn't matter when I'm on the water.

Do you want to catch more bass? Here's a fishing technique I like to use.

Sometimes, fishing conditions change and a hot bite can suddenly turn off. When this occurs I will immediately downsize my bait. I make a small adjustment, but I won't do a drastic change, especially if they were previously hitting it hard.

Lets say I am flipping and the fish were eating a Missile Bait D Bomb and the bite gets a bit slow.  I will then downsize to a Missile Craw as it has less action and is not as bulky. Or, lets say I am drop shotting a 6-inch worm. To get more action,  I will change to a 4-inch worm in the same color.

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Downsizing the same style of bait in the same color will get you bites when your fishing action becomes slow.

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Ish Monroe

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Larry Nixon and Kevin VanDam - "Nixon was stomping everybody when I was getting into it, and he was a worm fisherman. VanDam's confidence is incredible."

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