Ish Monroe

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6 years 5 months

Home: Hughson, California
Fishing, movies, fast cars, having fun
Ranger Z21

Angling Stuff

Favorite Technique: Flipping mats - "Any bite could be a double-digit fish."
Fishing Strength:
Favorite Lake: California Delta and Clear Lake (CA) - "I love them both equally."
Favorite Species Fished:
"I'm always fishing. I like to fish for anything. Bass, Carp, bluegill, crappie – as long as I'm fishing I'm happy.
Angling Hero: 
Larry Nixon and Kevin VanDam - "Nixon was stomping everybody when I was getting into it, and he was a worm fisherman. VanDam's confidence is incredible."

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   1st Place Finishes
25  Top 10 Finishes