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Hunting Gear: Under Armour Adapts to Any Hunting Environment

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July 31, 2017
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Under Armour is always on the lookout for the next great adventure. That means we’re constantly striving to find new ways to innovate. In honor of our commitment to our craft, we’re here to tell you what makes our camo the best option for your hunting pursuits.

shop under armour huntingTaking Concealment to the Next Level

To take concealment to the next level, we researched multiple patterns of the past to create gear that surpasses traditional patterns found in the market today.

With that in mind, we employed two distinct techniques to help you adapt effortlessly and seamlessly in any situation. Coincidental disruption and our very own no background color algorithm leave you no time to worry about what’s behind you, so that you can focus on the hunt. You’ll find both of these techniques employed in our Under Armour Forest Camo and Under Armour Barren Camo.

Since hunting doesn’t have a consistent path, your gear should be up to assist you in any environmental changes. The coincidental disruption technique follows this exact premise. Here, irregular angles and shapes distort your silhouette so you can easily go undetected. The main idea is to act unexpectedly and organically, just as Mother Nature intended.

Explaining the Under Armour Disruption Pattern

For a better understanding of why this is necessary, we’ll let our buddy and Under Armour ambassador Remi Warren speak to its importance. "The disruptive pattern looks like nothing and blends into everything. It allows me to remain concealed in so many different environments. It seems to self-adapt to the whatever is around me allowing me to remain unseen."

We’ll put it this way–Imagine you’re out west exploring open plains and rocky terrain areas. There aren’t always many places to take cover. However, you’ve suited up in the Under Armour Barren Camo series, so that no longer matters. Everything you need is at your disposal. You adapt just as your prey does, allowing you to stay one step ahead. That’s what it’s all about.

quote remi warren

The Fated Algorithm for Under Armour Forest Camo

Next up, the fated algorithm. Using color found in nature as a guide, the no background color algorithm matches to its source. By defining and distributing a specific color combination across our gear, we are able to create depth that mimics even the slightest changes in light depending on the time of day. If there is an abundance of foliage, Under Armour Forest Camo is the way to go. Whether out west or in the upper peninsula scoping out whitetail, the opportunities are endless.

Global field-testing has provided us with the ultimate camo pattern that performs, regardless of where the hunt takes you. If nothing else, you’ll be practically invisible on every adventure.

bp camo forrest skin v3 360

bp camo barren skin v2 360








           View Under Armour Barren Camo Pattern                                          View Under Armour Forest Camo Pattern



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