Angie Ryan

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9 years 1 month

My husband, Jimmie, started teaching me to bow hunt in 1996. From then to now, big game hunting has become my passion. I have taken Desert and Dall sheep, Kodiak Brown Bear, Elk, and numerous other animals. I love introducing other people to bow hunting, especially young people. I was given the privilege of becoming one of the RedHead Pro Team members several years ago and consider it an honor to be among some of the best hunters I have ever known.

Hunting Stuff

Years Been Hunting: 17+
Professional Affiliations: Grand Slam Club, Pope Young, NRA, RMEF
Hunting Strength: The ability to do physically tough hunts with a bow
Favorite Technique: Spot and stalk
Favorite Game to Hunt: Elk
Favorite Hunting Gear: Silent Hide
Favorite Places to Hunt: Alaska and Colorado
Favorite Season to Hunt: Spring bear
Favorite Time to Hunt: Evening during hot weather
Favorite Way to Hunt: Stalking

Career Highlights

Biggest Kill: Kodiak Brown Bear
Greatest Hunting Achievement: Desert Sheep, First women to take a Kodiak Brown Bear with a bow
Favorite Hunting Moment: Harvesting my Kodiak Brown Bear