Take a Doe - Hunting Tip

There is nothing wrong with taking a doe. If it is food you’re after, the steaks and burger of a young buck won’t taste near as good as a fat doe.

In fact, taking a doe is something we need to do especially if you’re after trophy bucks. Everyone talks about genetics and food supply but taking a buck before he is 3-years old never allows that buck to grow to his full potential.

If you forget about your ego, and take a doe instead of a young buck, it allows that buck to grow another set of antlers.

Taking a doe will also help provide more food to the bucks in your area and create a better buck to doe breeding ratio.

Harvesting does is a way of improving the quality of bucks in your area.

Doe meat is always good but the meat of a mature buck taken in rut will have a strong, musky flavor.