Deer Hunting Tactics Making Changes for the Season and Conditions (video)

Deer hunting with  Grant shares tactics for success as the deer season progresses. Daniel puts these tactics to use and tags 2 does from a newly expanded food plot. Also watch to see the Oklahoma muzzleloader hunt where Brandon shoots his first buck in 7 years! Plus: hunting tactics to use as scrape activity heats up again!  But first: A brief Christmas greeting!

Snowy Weather Can be Great for Deer Hunting

If a snowstorm blows in during the last free day you have to hunt for the season, don’t smash the alarm buzzer down and roll over. Some surprisingly good deer hunting can take place even during a heavy snowfall.

Experienced sportsmen know that hunting before a major snowstorm can be great. Deer sense it coming and will be up and moving.

Deer Hunting | Tagging Bucks and Tactics for the Rut (video)

Deer hunting with Daniel uses a hunting tactic that is the key to tagging a buck during the rut. It's a dead doe left in the field as a lure for the rutting buck!  Then Kansas buck hunting where pro-staff member Jeff Therrell works hard to tag a buck that's been on his hit list for several years. Note: Jeff killed this buck on his 9 acres he has set up just for deer hunting! It doesn't take a big chunk of land to have good hunting!

Deer Hunting the Pre Rut | Doe, Coyote, Doe, Buck! (video)

Bow hunting with Hunters are punching tags and making tough decisions from the stand. Shoot or pass? Shoot the coyote? Then Rae hunts during the youth season where she sees lots of deer activity and a buck making a full rub and scrape.  In the final hunt, watch as Pro Staffer Daniel Stefanoff self-films and arrows a nice Oklahoma buck

How to Sit in a Tree Stand All Day Without Getting Bored

One of my favorite things to do once deer season is in full swing is to make an all day set in my treestand. Like the majority of hunters, I don't get as much time to do those kinds of sets due to working a full time job. That being said, at least a couple of times a year, I will take time off from my job to do just that. Some hunters will say that they can't sit that long without getting bored, and others may say that it's not necessary to sit that long to harvest a deer.

Bow Hunting Whitetails: Back to Back Two Does Down (video)

A great start to deer hunting 2017 from with these bow hunts. In this video, two hunts with back to back double does down on The Proving Grounds. On his deer hunt, Grant sees his first good buck of the season then gets 2 does into bow range. Watch as Daniel arrows 2 does in virtually the same spot! Then tips for calling deer from Grant and champion caller James Harrison.

How to Hunt a Whitetail Scrape Line

When asking deer hunters when their favorite time of year to hunt occurs they will often say pre rut. Some even say that it is those few days around Halloween. This is mostly due to the fact that bucks are beginning to be more active in anticipation of the upcoming rut. One of the common methods of hunting this time of year is hunting scrapes, to be more specific, hunting scrape lines.

Bow Hunting: Opening Weekend is Finally Here (video)

Deer hunting with Missouri's deer season opens and the team gets busy bow hunting on The Proving Grounds.  Grant hunts a tree that is dropping acorns. Raleigh is bow hunting over a food plot where a hit list buck has been showing up. Pops and Daniel hunt where there's a pattern of does coming in to feed on acorns and a food plot. Watch the hunts play out in this video!  Stay tuned for an update on the bucks our Pro Staff are going to hunt