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These 4 Fishing Reel Types Are Rated Best at a Range of Uses (infographic)

What You Need to Know About These 4 Types of Fishing Reels

Comparing spinning reels to spincasting reels to baitcasting reels to fly fishing reels is like comparing apples, oranges, mangoes, and bananas. They are all fruits. Each is delicious. However, each has its own fans and is used in different recipes.

Best and Worst Advice These Six Fishing Pros Have Received

by Dave Landahl;

How often have you received advice that turned out to be terrible? Of course, there are those treasured nuggets of genius that helped us all on down the road of life and forever made a positive impact.


So, in keeping with the yin and yang of life, a handful of Major League Fishing pros shared some of the best and worst advice they've received in the fishing biz.


A Couple of Questions for Randy Howell

by Dave Landahl



Major League Fishing pro and former Bassmaster Classic champion Randy Howell is a fierce competitor on the water with a genuinely laid-back persona while on land. Whether you've watched him on TV or his social media chats sitting on the couch with his wife Robin, Randy gives off that chill persona with a touch of funny thrown in for good measure.


23 Gift Ideas and Buying Guide for the First-time Fishing Family

Are there people – perhaps a whole family – on your gift buying list who have shown an interest in fishing, but haven’t jumped on board yet? Or maybe there’s someone who you’d like to get into fishing, but he or she needs a little push. Whether it’s for a birthday or holiday, giving them the gear they need to get started is a great way to take the next step.

When your selecting gifts for these folks – keep two things in mind.

Blessed to Be a Pro Angler

by Dave Landahl


So many anglers across the bass fishing universe dream of one day fishing for a living. Sure, many, if not more, don't want to turn their hobby into a job, but somewhere down deep the idea of fishing as your career is pretty alluring.


The few who've been able to make that fantasy a reality are certainly some of the most blessed people out there who've followed a dream and turned it into something real.


16.75 Pound Bass Takes Lead for Trophy Catch Program With Bass Pro Gear

Congratulations to Dominic Montalto, a 19-year-old Florida College student who caught a near record size bass using a Johnny Morris Titanium 8 heavy action rod with a Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier Baitcast reel and a XPS Z9R Perch Swimbait lure in bluegill color.