Wild Game

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Butchering Breakdown – How to Cut Up Your Deer (video)

October 24, 2019
Breaking Down Big Game in 8 Simple Steps  While hunting is an enjoyable sport, it’s important to remember that we’ve taken to the woods as hunters for centuries, first and foremost, to provide food…

Hunter's Harvest - 7 Key Tips for Grilling Game

June 30, 2019
Let Cabela's Pro Staffer Tiffany Haugen give you the lowdown on lean grilling Here are just a few guidelines to follow when grilling lean game meats such as elk, deer, antelope and turkey. 1. Slice…
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Elk Crock Pot Recipe: Cheeseburger Mac'n'Cheese (video)

March 2, 2017
This particular version is using ground elk meat. But it could be prepared with almost any type of ground meat or wild game like: venison, turkey, pheasant or whatever you would like. Not only is it…
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The Beginner's Guide to Trapping Furbearers (infographic)

January 11, 2016
In a trance brought on by the warm glow of my Netflix queue, I began to wonder: how did our ancestors survive these long winter months?  Short, frosty days that fade into cold, relentless nights can…
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Hunting: The Ultimate Organic Food Source

March 18, 2014
After decades of declines, the number of hunters in certain areas of North America has actually increased in recent years. This bodes well for the future of hunting, as more hunters means more funds…
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The Case for Professional Butchering

March 26, 2013
I've gutted my fair share of deer, moose and bears over the years, and I've also skinned a few along the way. But when it comes to butchering that tasty game meat, I want to make sure that I get all…