Water Activities

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Which Boat Brand Fits You Best? (survey)

April 30, 2019
Which Brand of Boat Do You Relate to More? Do you relate more to an aluminum or fiberglass fishing boat? A pontoon or a sport boat? Take this quick survey to find out the best boat brand that fits…
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What's Your Favorite REGENCY Pontoon Activity? (poll)

April 19, 2019
Will You be Relaxing With Friends Onboard Your Pontoon This Summer? Do you prefer to relax with family and/or friends onboard your pontoon boat to cruising? Or maybe you’d rather use your boat for…
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What's Your Favorite Pontooning Activity? (poll)

April 18, 2019
Will You be On the Water With Your Pontoon This Summer? Fishing. Tubing. Napping. Grilling. Swimming. Or just spending the day with your grandkids. The options for a day of fun onboard a pontoon boat…
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What's Your Favorite Way to Water Ski? (poll)

April 18, 2019
Will You be Water Skiing this Summer? TAHOE is interested in how you water ski. Do you ski on one ski or two ski, or prefer not to ski at all? Only one vote counts so make it a good one! TAHOE boats…
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5 Awesome Lakes for Water Sports

August 29, 2013
Before you head out to the lake, check out the water sports gear at Bass Pro Shops. During the Dog Days of Summer, the only thing better than being in a boat is being towed by one. The freedom of…