Summer & Fall

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Old Dogs & New Tricks: Coon Hunting Technology Has Come a Long Way

December 13, 2014
Way back in the olden days when I first started hunting with my father, two of the older men in camp would light out at night with their hounds for a few hours to hunt raccoons.   I had no clue about…
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Is Fishing a Texas-Style Rigged Senko Sheer Genius or a Joke?

October 2, 2014
For an effective go to bait throught summer and early fall, try Senko plastic worms. It’s pretty easy to think of certain baits such as the Senko (and similar cigar-shaped sinking worms such as the…
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Are You Using the Wrong Gun for Squirrel Hunting?

August 26, 2014
Squirrel and other small game seasons happen throughout the country, giving hunters a chance to enjoy some of the finest opportunities for woodsmanship, fellowship and shooting skills.  From the…
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River Walleyes in Transition

October 9, 2013
Throughout much of the walleyes' home range, river systems provide a significant though somewhat polarized angling resource. Due to shifts in location driven by propagation needs, forage…
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Walleyes on Deep Rock Structure

September 13, 2013
On a lot of walleye waters, particularly shield lakes (but some reservoirs as well), a good number of walleyes relate to deep rock structure from summer well into fall. We did a show on Lake of the…
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Preparing and Serving Grouse Recipes & Side Dishes

September 5, 2013
If you’ve had the good fortune of harvesting a few birds this grouse hunting season, you have the great opportunity to add some variety to your family’s dinner table. From slow cooked to roasted to…
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Spooning for Shallow-Water Walleyes

August 29, 2013
Did you ever have one of those walleye fishing trips where you just couldn't find the right pattern to put any fish in the boat? We all have! Well there's one presentation that doesn't get much…
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Photography: A Valuable Tool for Outdoor Sportsmanship & Stewardship (video)

April 3, 2013
Most hunters, fishermen and other outdoorsmen will agree that while gear isn’t everything, it’s certainly important to have the right tools -- the right ammo, the right bow, the right lure, the right…