Salmon Fishing

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Salmon Troll the Rocks and So Should You (video)

August 28, 2017
If there’s one species of fish that anglers think about when you mention the northern Pacific Ocean, it has to be Chinook salmon. Salmon are one of the northern Pacific Ocean’s most sought after fish…
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The Top Fishing Tackle of 2015: 12 of the Hottest Lures Across the North

May 5, 2015
by NITRO Boats, as published in Volume 2, Issue 1 of NITRO Performance Fishing Boats Magazine From the Great Lakes to the Bow River, the bounty of gamefish in the north is plentiful, and multiple…
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Salmon Kings, Browns & Blade Baits, An Effective Combination

October 27, 2014
Fall is by far my most favorite time of the year. Between the hunting and fishing there is always something fun and exciting to be a part of in the outdoors. The fall salmon run on Lake Michigan is…
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Explore Best of Alaska: Salmon Fishing The Kenai River & Bass Pro's Anchorage Store

July 31, 2014
 I saw the flash of silver as the fish broke the surface of the water.  I jerked the rod up sharply and then let the line play out as the big salmon bucked and arced in its dance to shake the hook…
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Expert Dan Hassevoort’s Fishing Tips on Trolling Full Circle

June 26, 2014
Dan with walleye Trolling: There’s more to it than just pulling.  Most of you are no stranger to trolling for your favorite species of fish.  What some of you may not know is technology advancements…
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Idaho’s Salmon Run Brings Excitement

May 19, 2014
The lower 48 may not have anywhere near the salmon fishing that Alaska has, but one thing unique about Idaho is that we have the longest salmon run in America. I go even on a bad year just to see the…
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Last Chance for King Salmon

October 30, 2013
As the tributary fishing season gets close to its end here in Northern Wisconsin the biggest of the salmon stealthily make their way up the rivers to spawn. While anglers have been chasing Coho's in…
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Spinners and Salmon

October 2, 2013
Just because you are not a fly fisherman it does not mean that you cannot chase salmon as they make their way up the rivers in fall. Casting spinners can be a potent lure for fishing salmon, trout…
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Silent Salmon

September 18, 2013
As the fall cold weather takes hold, the desire to hunt among outdoorsmen leaves rivers and streams vacant. This lack of attention by anglers is by no means any indication of how productive Great…
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Travel Blog: Pitt River Lodge Fishing Adventures

August 27, 2013
For the past 10 years, my increasing angling focus on Alaska and Canada was fueled by the quest to fish for salmon. Whether by river, stream, or open ocean, I was happy to pursue pink, coho, and the…
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Cohos on the March Ice

March 3, 2013
What do you do when the temperature gauge reads sub zero for weeks on end? We do what any sane person would do: throw another log into the fireplace and wait for warmer weather. Right now, in the…
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Fishing the Alagnak River in Alaska for Pink Salmon aka Humpies

October 12, 2012
I just returned in late August from my annual hosting trip to the Alagnak River in Alaska. This year, I was able to target the Pink Salmon, which are not available every year. These fish enter the…