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The Best Ice Fishing Lure Styles to Catch Yellow Perch

January 21, 2019
Yellow perch are fun to catch on the ice. While they are often willing biters, there are times when having a specific fishing lure makes a huge difference in the size and number of perch you can…
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Fishing Pro Ted Takasaki on Lake Poinsett Perch

February 8, 2016
After several weeks of sub-zero temperatures, the ice fishing season across the upper Midwest is finally in full swing. We were able to at last get out on the ice a few weeks ago and what a day it…
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Greenbackin' on the Ice for Lethargic Fish

February 5, 2015
I've had many folks ask me how I got into fishing and how I learned the tricks to compete successfully at high-level, professional tournaments. Although my dad always took me and my brother fishing…
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Panfish: Strike Indicators & Wet Fly Rigs That Work

July 23, 2014
Every now and then I get the urge to catch a mess of panfish for a fish fry. Where I live that generally means rock bass, which are in abundance. In fact, they’re common enough to be considered a…
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3 Tips to Catch More Perch This Summer

June 30, 2014
Right now the perch fishing is heating up in Idaho. They're a great eating fish, third only to walleye and crappie. To catch perch, the first step is to find them. To locate them I'll troll super…
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Fried Fish Recipe

January 19, 2014
Check out Bass Pro Shops customer fried fish recipes here and, if you have a favorite fried fish recipe you'd like to share on Bass Pro 1Source, email it to Photos are also…
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Perch Ice-Fishing Tips and Strategies

December 13, 2013
Few species rile up ice anglers like yellow perch. When the bite's hot, these schooling fish can deliver days of non-stop action. Yet, nothing's guaranteed when looking for perch, and their roaming…
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3 Great Hard Baits for Late Summer Panfish

August 30, 2013
Putting a few panfish in the livewell during mid to late summer is a different matter than the springtime, when spawning activities have fish in predictable locations. Warm weather success with…
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How to Find Those Summer Perch

August 7, 2013
Borrowing a page from walleye anglers' mobile approach can keep you on yellow perch throughout the summer and well into fall. A downsized spinner/crawler harness makes an ideal rig for checking out…
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Icing the Perch of Winter

December 18, 2012
Perch through the ice are one of life's greatest pleasures. For many seasoned ice anglers, it's a back-to-basics approach to fishing — standard and simple rigs, large schools of fish, and delicious…