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Hunting Whitetails: Treestand Locations, Where and Why (video)

August 7, 2015
Strategies for deer hunting with the  GrowingDeer.tv team! It's an early season strategy for hunting one of the larger bucks (Chainsaw) on the property. He’s just beginning to show a pattern so it’s…
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Whitetail Bucks: Antler Size & Genetics, Fact or Fiction? (video)

August 3, 2015
MSU Deer Lab at Mississippi State University Shares Recent Deer Nutrition Study Results From GrowingDeer.tv: Scientific research busts the myth on big whitetail antlers! Watch this online video to…
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Bring on the Pre-Spawn!

March 10, 2014
Well, it’s March, and the lakes around you should be warming up, unless you are in the far North (you guys keep watching fishing shows for another 30-45 days … lol). Here in the South, the fishing is…
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River Guide Secrets to Catching Early Season Walleyes

January 29, 2014
Allow me to detour a moment from widely accepted methods of catching early season river walleyes. Not every walleye (or sauger) responds to a vertically presented jig-n-minnow fished right under the…
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Stemming the Tide of Wetlands Loss

April 12, 2013
Whether you’re tangling with redfish in the Mississippi Delta, casting for bonefish in the Florida Keys or in a duck blind in North Dakota, America’s wetlands and waterways provide unrivaled fishing…