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Team Ice Fishing

November 7, 2013
Anglers often employ the "team fishing" concept while fishing open water.  For example, musky partners vary lure types as well as speed and retrieval styles to increase their chances of landing a…
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Humminbird's LakeMaster Leads Westward Charge … Trumps Lewis & Clark (video

October 29, 2013
Not since Meriwether Lewis and William Clark plotted their overland route to the Pacific coast has a more ambitious swath of the West been surveyed by men in boats. Of course, we’re talking about…
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How Not to Get Lost in the Woods & Survival Tips if it Happens

July 14, 2013
It can happen to the best outdoorsman: the trail disappears, directions get confused, a change in the weather forces you away from familiar landmarks. You can't seem to get your bearings. Suddenly…