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4 Exercises to Help Prepare for Hunting Situations

November 25, 2014
We spend countless hours — and much of our paychecks — on outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. So when we get to a remote location, the last thing we need is to feel too winded and worn out…
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Get in Hunting Season Shape

February 11, 2014
I've long dreamed of a mountain hunt for mule deer somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. If I'm able to draw a tag, that dream will hopefully become a reality someday in western Wyoming. As soon as I…
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Exercising to Improve Your Hiking Experience

February 7, 2014
A couple decades ago, my then 28-year-old body roamed hiking trails like an all-wheel drive automobile maneuvers over an icy roadway. My day job included a good dose of physical activity that kept my…
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Fitness for Fishing: Stay in Shape Exercises

October 11, 2013
Fishing can be tough on the body. Fighting waves, working motors, standing upright, and firing off repeated casts can easily put strain on overworked limbs, joints, and muscles. Injury is the worst-…
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Don't Let Back Pain Ruin Your Hunt

March 5, 2013
Just before this past Christmas I suffered a bout of near-debilitating back pain. For many days I had trouble sleeping, walking or even just standing up straight, and I had to undergo medical…
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Get Into Shape For Deer Season

October 11, 2012
Deer season can be a great test -- a test of your tracking and shooting skills, a test of your patience and understanding of your environment, and a test of your physical mettle. This last one --…