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On the Hunt for GIANT Bears in North Carolina (podcast)

November 1, 2020
In this Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World podcast episode from November 2019 with host Rob Keck he is focused on hunting and managing GIANT, record-book black bears. Recorded in the midst of a hunt, step…
News & Tips: Skin a Deer Using an Air Compressor (infographic)...

How to Skin a Deer Using an Air Compressor (infographic)

November 23, 2015
There Is More Than One Way to Skin a Buck For hundreds of years deer have lost their coats to an old fashioned skinning post and a sharp knife, but that doesn't stop hunters from striving to make…
News & Tips: How to Choose the Right Gear for Black Bear Hunting...

How to Choose the Right Gear for Black Bear Hunting

July 22, 2014
Selecting the right weapon for bear hunting is important, and knowing how to skillfully use it is even more important.   Black bears often weigh 300 pounds or more; so using the right weapon for…
Bear; photo by Denver Bryan

10 Awesome Videos of Bears Gone Wild

June 20, 2014
Those silly bears. To them, it's their world and we're just living in it. From late spring through summer, bear sightings caught on camera show us the cuteness, strength, determination and sometimes…
News & Tips: 5 Tips to Avoid Bear Encounters (and Attacks)...

5 Tips to Avoid Bear Encounters (and Attacks)

June 14, 2014
You're hiking toward a distant fishing hole when the trail makes a sharp turn and you come face to face with a bear hunkered over a freshly killed deer. It raises up on hind legs, mouth covered in…
Black bear, copywrite denver bryan images on the wildside

Tips for Bagging Black Bears

April 1, 2013
Whether you a hunt black bear in spring on a trip to a Canada or during fall in the U.S., black bears are among the most fascinating of all big game animals. Also, the black bear is pursued in…