News & Tips: Autumn Whitewater: Where to Find Fast Flowing Rivers...

Autumn Whitewater: Where to Find Fast Flowing Rivers

September 30, 2014
Fast-flowing whitewater is most often associated with the summer and spring. But each year paddlers continue to raft, kayak and canoe into the fall months, some up until all the leaves drop off the…
News & Tips: The Elk That Almost Broke Us

The Elk That Almost Broke Us

October 16, 2013
Drawing an elk tag for the White Mountains of eastern Arizona is no easy task, and hunting the White Mountains is dang near impossible. Our destination was an area that locals call "The Blue", near…

Gould's Wild Turkey in Arizona

October 11, 2013
First described by J. Gould in 1856, the Gould’s wild turkey is found in portions of Arizona and New Mexico, as well as northern Mexico. The population estimate in the U.S. in 1989 was fewer than 150…

Conserving Water in the West

February 14, 2013
Steven discusses water issues in the West and how numerous factors, including increased water use and drought, can negatively impact fish and wildlife populations. • The Colorado River supplies…

Backcountry & Big-Game Conservation - Coronado National Forest

December 26, 2012
Steven discusses the importance of backcountry roadless areas in securing valuable habitat for species like Coues deer in the Coronado National Forest. While ensuring access to existing roads is…