Patterning a Gun with a Dominant Eye

News & Tips: Patterning a Gun with a Dominant Eye

Before season, Heather my daughter, who has taken the Royal Slam and scores of turkeys, sat at the patterning bench and had trouble with being consistent on shot placement. She wasn’t flinching, she wasn’t hurrying and after the tenth round fired, she became frustrated on her inconsistency. Then it hit me, was sherob heather left eye dominant?

 Putting a piece of duct tape over her left eyepiece of her shooting glasses we solved the problem. For the hunt, her mom made her a pirate patch and she smoked a pair of longbeards the first day.

 In the past I’ve found those shooters with Heather’s problem, solved it by mounting a low power shotgun scope on their turkey gun. Heather will have a scope mounted on her 20 gauge