Short Soft Turkey Calling Got This Strutter

The second week of April I was guiding an older gentlemen and novice turkey hunter and decided I would hunt him from a pop-up blind at a location where I worked several birds earlier in the season. As daylight broke, there were multiple gobblers that gobbled several times a hundred yards in front of the blind. I did one series of tree calls. When the gobblers cut me off, I knew they had heard me. Directly behind me roosting were several hens that answered my tree call. I shut-up until the gobblers were on the ground and did one short series of soft yelps, the gobblers cut my call again and I shut up again. One reason I decided to limit my calls to those two short soft series, was that I didn’t want to chance those hens going around me and taking the gobblers in the opposite direction.

In a few minutes I saw a red and white head coming our way, followed by two strutters. They marched to the decoys about the same time the hens gathered at the decoys. A good head shot dropped one of the strutters when he raised his head as he spurred the fake Jake