Product Review: The Ruger American Rifle

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It is good news for everyone when demand for a newly introduced firearm outpaces supply. That can only mean one thing: The shooting public likes the product for the price.

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The author likes the look and functionality of the Ruger American Standard Rifle.

Every major firearms manufacturer offers a bolt-action rifle for cost-conscious hunters. Ruger introduced theirs in 2012. To catch up on the growing trend among hunters and shooters of wanting function over form, Ruger assigned engineers to come up with a new rifle with the basic elements of accuracy, reliability, a smooth bolt, a good trigger and stylish looks attached to a good price tag.

In a matter of months, Ruger engineers produced the Ruger American Rifle, a good looking, highly functional rifle in the most popular calibers, which does not break the bank of the average Joe.

Nothing was sacrificed in quality and this gun is a solid product for avid hunters and shooters. Every component of the gun was heavily scrutinized, analyzed and tested before being incorporated into the rifle.

Combining a trigger pull of 3- to 5-pounds of pull with Ruger's free-floating barrel design, the American rifle is dead-on accurate and a solid, comfortable shooter. The bedding system includes two cast stainless steel V-blocks molded into the stock and steel screws that secure the action to the stock. The trigger incorporates a safety blade that prevents the gun from firing unless the blade is depressed.

The synthetic stock is rock solid, too. Style and function combine with a sculpted and serrated fore-end and a deeply notched grip for a comfortable, secure fit. And the soft recoil pad takes the kick out of the heaviest loads. The stylish rifle comes in popular calibers, including .243, .27, .308, .30-06 and most recently the .22-250 and 7mm-08 calibers.

Demand for the new rifle is high and is giving the competition some real competition. With a suggested retail price of $449, it is no wonder. And, by shopping around, shooters on the hunt for a new rifle, may find even better deals.

After putting the American Rifle to my test, it became very clear to me that the engineers who designed this rifle knew what they were doing and gave us a high-quality product and a very reasonable price tag. I immediately loved the feel of the rifle in my hands and its light weight boded well for my long days in the field.

From the hardwood forests of the Midwest to the high mountains of the West, the Ruger American Rifle will fill the bill. I shot my tightest groups ever at 100 yards and have heard stories of shooters who say the gun performs consistently at 600 yards. I definitely have more practice in my near future as the American Rifle is my gun of choice to accompany me soon on an elk hunt at 10,000 feet in Colorado.

I don't know which I like best about this rifle, its sharp looks and functionality, or its name: The Ruger American Rifle, made lock, stock and barrel in the United States of America.