New Modern Day World Record Hybrid Muskie

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The Committee of the Modern Day Muskellunge World Record Program is pleased to announce the acceptance of a Tiger "Hybrid" Muskellunge weighing 44-pound 4-ounces as its new modern day world record. This giant Tiger, caught by Edward Kalinowski of New Meadows, Idaho, from Little Payette Lake, Idaho, was 52.5-inches long and carried a full 25-inch girth. Mr. Kalinowski's fish has also been recognized as the new Idaho State record Hybrid Tiger muskie.

getimage article show.aspxq Ed reported he was using 12-pound test line and a Neon Magic lure when he captured his record hybrid muskie.

Kalinowski's catch is the first modern day world record "tiger" (hybrid) muskellunge in the eight year history of the Modern Day Record Program. Hybrid muskies to meet the 40-pound minimum weight for modern day record consideration are exceedingly rare. In modern times, "tiger" muskie (muskie x northern pike) stocking programs have been established in many states, however; the rare natural "tiger" was once unrecognized and grouped with muskie records.

The capture of this record "Tiger" was recorded on video. The story of the capture will be detailed on our website by the angler.