Our Oldest Buck Returns, a Prescribed Fire & Pond Tips

News & Tips: Our Oldest Buck Returns, a Prescribed Fire & Pond Tips...

Lots of how-to's and the story of an old buck named Split Brow!

A buck we estiamte to be 7 years old has shown up on our Reconyx Trail Cameras. He will be number one on our hit list this year! In this episode we begin planning a strategy to hunt him this fall then move on to a basic  introduction of how to implement a prescribed fire that will benefit wildlife.  Caution: Fire can be very dangerous! This brief introduction to how we do a prescribed fire is not a license for viewers to conduct a fire on their property. Visit your local DNR agency for more specific training.

Fire used properly is a wildlife enhancement tool that doesn't damage those areas and provides lush food for deer and other wildlife. All this plus a tip on how to get a dry pond to hold water.

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Grant Woods